Saturday, September 1, 2012


Friday mornings can be tough if you're really looking forward to the weekend.  Add too little sleep to the mix and Friday morning can be downright ugly.  Imagine this mix for a 6 year old.  Welcome to my Friday morning!  The sky was gray and full of bulging rain filled clouds ready to burst any minute.  Hunter was sour and grumpy, fighting us about every last detail.  Somehow we managed to get him dressed, fed, and out the door with his giant crocodile tears still falling from his big blue eyes.  He pouted all the way to school, stubbornly refusing to give in to laughter at all my husbands silly antics.  This boy can be STUBBORN!  (I have no idea where he gets this trait.) ;)  We did get hugs before he jumped out of the truck and headed into school.  Rough start, but the day must go on. At least Drew and I got to enjoy some coffee before he had to run off to work.  The clouds finally gave up their fight and long awaited rain started down in a drizzle.  (big sigh)  I wouldn't get to play outside today, digging in my garden.  So, off to the basement to work on some fabulous furniture!   This rain wasn't gonna get me down.  Between the 3 coats of primer (sand between coats), I hopped onto Craigslist to see if I could get lucky. 


Someone was giving away (yes, free!) an antique table with lots of detail and a chunky, old, enormous and HEAVY coffee table.  Drew came home and I quickly turned him around to head out for some free furniture!  It was first come first serve and we were top of the list.  What a beauty!  The table has great detailing and the coffee table will make an awesome bench. This Friday was getting better!  We got the goodies home, unloaded, and headed up to school to pick up Hunter. We wondered and hoped if his day turned around.   He was so happy!  He passed his math test and was on green all day.  So proud of him!  We all headed home happy and ready for the weekend.  Looks like this Rainy Day turned out to be full of opportunity. 

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