Saturday, August 25, 2012


Look what I found!  I was so excited I couldn't wait to post it. This credenza was just hanging out at my favorite thrift shop.  I saw it from a distance and quickly picked  up the pace as another shopper was gawking at it.  As I got closer, I had to consciously control my expression.  Not wanting to risk confirming with my competitor that this piece was indeed a steel, I casually walked right on by.  Maybe it worked, because the gawking stopped and the shopper strolled along.  Of course I couldn't hold back any longer!  I may have actually ran to this black beauty, paused only a moment to collect the ticket, and dashed to cash out.  The hard part was waiting for my husband to get home so we could pick it up and take it home.
A little clean-up, new paint and hardware before the show!  I can't wait to reveal the make-over.

Black Beauty       

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